What do you want to do now that you’ve reached “that age?”

A time where all you can think about is what you’ve already done (or not done), what you have left to do, and why the hell the only question you’ve been asking yourself lately is “Is this all there is?”

There’s a common thread in every book I write or blog post I create for the websites and social sites I write for: reinvention. Because there has never been a better time in history for each and every one of us to jump in with both feet and do exactly what we choose to do.

I’ve also noticed that people don’t give us Gen Xers nearly enough credit for the life we have left to live. We’re stuck here in the middle, between the baby boomers and the millennials, navigating our 40s and 50s trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. We’re nowhere near ready to retire – if anything, we realize retirement will never be the same for us as it is for our parents. And with the advancements in technology and healthcare, our lifespans could easily move to 150 and beyond.

What if you lived to be 150? That puts midlife into a completely new perspective.

That puts midlife into a completely new perspective.

Still, a lot of people speak to the millennials giving them a little push towards creating another stream of income, doing something they love. And they leave us out. This came through in an ezine just the other day:

“Young people have an incredible gift that previous generations never had.

Despite the ever-increasing cost of university tuition, access to extremely valuable information is incredibly cheap… in many cases free.

This means that learning important skills to help you build wealth and get ahead is easier and cheaper than ever before.

So is starting a business.

It’s possible to register a company online in minutes. To purchase and build a website in a few hours. To reach a worldwide network of suppliers without leaving your living room. To setup a store with the world’s largest online marketplaces with ease. To reach millions of targeted prospective customers in an instant.

None of this was ever possible before.

And while I know that starting a business is a scary, uncertain prospect for a lot of people, entrepreneurship remains the most consistent way to generate substantial wealth… while at the same time providing a lot of value to the world.

It starts with a simple commitment to your own business education: there are countless, free resources to get started learning those skills.

The system is undoubtedly rigged, and as the report shows, leaving a lot of people behind.

But especially for younger people who have the luxury of time, starting a business is a great way to take control of your future… and at a minimum, obtain valuable skills and experiences that will be highly beneficial in the future.”

And while I agree with the sentiment, I have to extend the same thought beyond “young people” to include “Gen X” as well.

If we’re going to live to be 150, midlife is no longer 40 or 50. Instead, it’s 75 or 85. That means if you’re in your 40s and 50s, you’re still developing your talents and skills and have more than enough time to convert it into a project you’re passionate about.

Sure, younger people have the luxury of time. But if we still have 100 years to go, we have the same luxury.

I’ve been a business owner for close to 30 years. It’s a part of my life. And I’ll continue to make it a significant theme of my novels.

Like The Artist, my latest book I’ll be releasing in the next week. Renee left her old life behind as she grew tired of being a lawyer. With a background in art, she’s decided to focus on her creative side now that she’s faced several life-changing events: death, divorce, empty nest.

She’s discovered this is her time. She wants to build a life where she loves what she does. And if romance happens to find her as well, why not!

Want to know more about Renee? Check back next week and purchase your copy of The Artist. Or start reading today – I’ve included a short excerpt from my latest novel right here.

It’s midlife! Pursue something new!

How are you letting your creative side out? Are you ready to pursue your own business right here in midlife?

Midlife … Redefined