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Where Do Book Ideas Come From?

Sometimes a story just pops into my mind. One moment in time. One scene. One conversation. One experience. As a writer, I write about it. I let it flow. Some of my ideas stop right there, never gain traction. Others take on a life of their own. They become short...

All Romance, All The Time

  I’ve always enjoyed a good romance novel. But ever since I became a romance author, they’ve literally become my world. I love pondering how characters could come together. I twist and turn current events, trying to find storylines in everything. And of course,...

Weekend Getaway: Victoria

[Part of my Weekend Getaway series.] One of the most difficult parts of leaving your old life behind is saying goodbye to the friends you’ve made. Luckily we have friends who like to travel as much as we do. Every year, we pack our bags and meet for a long weekend to...

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