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Reflections On Being The Author I Want To Be

It’s been five years since I moved from my home in Denver to the Pacific Northwest. Five very fast years. Today, as I celebrate the anniversary of the day we put our life into a moving truck and drove over 1200 miles to our new home, a lot of thoughts have popped into...

Gratitude … And My Favorite Summer Salad

Many years ago, I discovered the secret of a gratitude journal. I think I originally heard it while listening to a tape by Tony Robbins. (Yep, I used to run with a cassette player attached to my hip, and those crazy, flimsy headphones covering my ears. Remember that...

6 Books To Read When You’re Asking What’s Next In Midlife

  When I write a new fiction book, I start by defining my characters first. Each of my lovely ladies is at a crossroad in life. They face divorce, death, changes in their careers, an empty nest. They each go searching for something more. Some know immediately...

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