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What Aging Gracefully Means To Me

I think when you experience death at an early age, it profoundly changes your perspective on aging. When I was newly married, starting a new career, and in the final semester of my master’s program, I came home one night from class to find my husband waiting for me in...

Writing A Romance Novel Is A Very Big Dream

I smiled when I read her biggest dream. The dream she’d held onto for years. The one she would do if she were finally financially free: I would finally write my novel and get it published. - Stacy R. I get her dream. Because I’ve had it too. Where My Dream Started I...

Weekend Getaway: Rogue Valley

[Part of my Weekend Getaway series.] A while back, I wrote a post on spending a weekend in Oregon Wine Country. I mentioned we had joined a new program introduced in Oregon in 2018 called WineryHuntOregon, and we were taking full advantage of it. I’ve loved every...

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