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Eating What’s Local

Farmers markets are crazy good here in the Pacific Northwest. If you head just a few miles out of town, you’ll find the local farmers grow just about everything. And that means they have just about everything available to bring to the market. Once a week they load up...

What Romance Means When You’re In Midlife

I was filling out a form the other day to include one of my books in an upcoming promotion. I made my way through the boxes, carefully considering my answers. Title - that’s easy. Author - that one too. But then I came across the question of style. Steamy or sweet?...

Why Every Bucket List Should Include Travel

If you could do anything in life, right now, where money was no object, what would you do? Would you travel? Studies consistently show it tops everyone’s lists. A study by Ketchum Global Research Network found that 69 percent of us create lists for the things we want...

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