I remember just a few short years ago when I had a dream to publish a novel. I had many nonfiction books to my name, but the idea of publishing a novel thrilled me.

It took me several years from concept to publishing to get my very first book out.

Today, I’m publishing my 9th! And that’s a big deal!

March is typically a time when we start dreaming of warmer weather and vacations (here in the US anyway.) This year is a bit different.

While few of us are going to take the traditional spring break vacations, why not take a little time for self-care instead.

On the next warm day, pack a bag with a blanket, your favorite bottle of wine, a few munchies, and head out into the great outdoors with a free copy of my latest, The Midlife Pact to savor and enjoy.

To celebrate my newest release, I’m giving away one copy a week for the month of March. All you have to do is enter … and you might be one of my luck winners!

You gotta enter to win.

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