I’m very excited to release The Artist this month because I know you’re going to fall in love with Bradley and Renee as much as I have. They are very personal to me because of the story that sparked me to write The Artist. Sometimes love comes in mysterious ways. Sometimes when we least expect it.

That’s what makes it so exciting! I hope you enjoy just a short teaser from my soon to be released novel, The Artist.

Bradley led the way back through to the front of the house. She stopped in to say goodnight one more time to Bo and his wife, before making her way to the front porch where she’d left her coat.
He turned on the porch light and glanced outside. “Looks like it’s still snowing. I’m sure it’s getting cold out there too. Let me start your car. That’ll give it a chance to warm up and defrost.”
He took her keys and headed out. He cleared just enough of the window to see through, then drove it near the sidewalk that led up to the house. He walked carefully back to the door, shook off a light dusting of snow as he entered.
“It’s really coming down out there. You don’t have that far to go, but be careful.” Driving was a new worry for him after losing his parents.
“I will. The roads should be fairly empty by now.” She zipped her coat and pulled her gloves from her pockets.
“I know I probably kept you, but I appreciate you staying. I enjoyed talking with you.”
“You too. Why have we never done this before?”
“I don’t know. We should try and do it more often. I really enjoyed tonight.”
“Me too. Why don’t you text me your number? We can take up where we left off. Continue the tradition with what started between your father and me.”
Bradley pulled out his phone and entered her number. “Done. Thanks again for everything. I appreciate you being here for this today.” He went to hug her and pulled her close.
She wrapped her arms around him. “I’m just sorry it was under these circumstances. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for something like this to bring us together again.”
She stood letting his warmth fall over her. She’d had the best intentions, simply give him a friendly hug and move on. But somewhere in his closeness, she forgot where she was.
He smelled so good. His arms wrapped around her perfectly. She felt his warmth through the thin spring jacket she’d brought along. And somehow, it all felt right.
She didn’t think about it, or she would have questioned her actions.
Instead of dropping her hands to her side, they took on a life of their own, running down from his neck across his chest.
Maybe it was the fact that he couldn’t seem to let go. His arms still securely fastened around her waist, her balance was thrown off just a little bit. She fell into him, bracing herself against his chest.
They’d been flirting for hours. They’d discovered that their friendship was truly that, a warm and caring place they could linger and talk about anything. They had the security of family behind them. Yet as two single people, they somehow got con-fused. There was something more. Both felt it, possibly wished it could be.
Because in all the crap they’d faced in the past few years, suddenly they found something warm and good in each other. And neither was sure if they wanted to let that go.
He stared for a moment, asking if she felt it too.
Her eyes stayed true to his. Never breaking their line of vi-sion, never questioning what this was.
Was this real, between them?
Did they both feel it?
Should they do this?
Why shouldn’t they?
So they dove in, both more willingly than they liked to admit.
Did she want this? Oh yeah.
Him? Definitely.
And for just a moment, they brushed lips, testing, tasting.
It was so good. How can you stop something that felt this incredible?
So they went back, again and again.
She reached up and found his hand resting on her cheek. She trailed the back of his hand with her fingers until he turned and entwined his hand with hers. They stood there for a minute – or an hour – studying what was happening between them. They spoke not with words. But the conversation between them was much louder than words could have ever been.
Tasting. Kissing. Lingering.
Finally, finally, Bradley moved both hands back up to cradle her head, tipping it just so.
They tasted, shared, and explored some more.
Could it really be this easy?
Could you find someone in the most unexpected place?
Could love be found with someone you’d known your entire life?
And was she completely losing her effing mind?