Whew! December is always such a busy time of the year. And while it may be one of the fastest months, for me, it’s also a month of planning. I sit down for one full day and contemplate my future, list out what worked in the past twelve months, and set my goals and intentions for the coming year. That also means I’m in heavy learning mode as I play around with ideas for the New Year. Here’s what I’ve been reading this month.

Redefining Better

Several years ago we sold off our forever home and got rid of two-thirds of everything we own. Simplification and downsizing became my motto, I assumed for the rest of my life. But a funny thing happens when you’ve reached your ideal place. You strive to find what works for you, not just reduce what you have. How can you get better at everything? I thought this was an interesting way of looking at your life.

But I Like Being Attractive …

We’re all in the throes of the #MeToo movement, and it’s just a matter of time to see how this all shakes out. While there are hundreds, thousands of articles that focus on different aspects of this topic, I found this one to stick with me long after I read it. Men all over are asking why women want to be attractive if we don’t want them to take notice. The author of this article sums it up beautifully.

Love Between The Covers

Ever wanted to learn more about the billion dollar romance novel industry? Then you have to watch this documentary. Eye opening indeed.


Pick a class. I dare you to pick just one.

The Problem with Midlife Is That We Think Life Is Over

Beautifully said:

“Passing through middle life means becoming more and more what wants to be expressed through us. At midlife, one is honed and hammered by all the experiences that came before. Yet, the mistake is entering into midlife looking backward at all that was done, undone, not yet done, or longing for in times past – back when it was “as though you had wings.” The parts of our life that don’t match an external standard expose a false sense of our self-worth based on what we think we should have accomplished by this point, as if we’re running out of runway on our life.”

Make 2018 Great!

Trying to figure out what to do in midlife? Looking for a little reinvention of your own? Maybe it’s time to say “I don’t care” to the deluge of information that hits us every day and dedicate more time to what you truly love and want to do. I’ve said no to almost all of the extras in my life – television, news, politics, social media – and it’s made all the difference. The important stuff gets through. The rest doesn’t matter. I love this quote:

“If you wish to improve,” Epictetus once said, “be content to appear clueless or stupid in extraneous matters.” One of the most powerful things we can do as a human being in our hyperconnected, 24/7 media world is say: “I don’t know.” Or, more provocatively: “I don’t care.” Not about everything of course—just most things. Because most things don’t matter, and most news stories aren’t worth tracking.

Thinking About Our Future

Take a look at this for two reasons. First, it’s a great read about our future. You can use it to gain all kinds of ideas for how to move forward in life, business, and personal. But I was equally as intrigued by the graphics.