I love romance novels. But I often wonder what happens after the story ends.

Maybe that’s why I’ve added my A Moment In Time section, where I dive deeper into the lives of some of the characters from my books.

In midlife, I believe that second chances are something we can all reach for and attain. I also like diving deeper into the stories. Because we all have stories, and the world doesn’t begin and end with our relationships.

We know that, especially as we enter our 40s, 50s, and beyond.  We face many different things:

Like messy divorces. Empty nests. Cancer scares.

All of that makes us who we are.

We also have lifelong friendships.

I love exploring what brings two people together.

But I also love exploring friendships that sustain us and make us whole.

That’s where The Midlife Pact came from.

It’s about two women who hold one common dream: To quit teaching once and for all, and find something new in their lives. Careers that bring the thrill back into their lives. To find something that fulfills them the way teaching did when they started their careers together more than two decades before.

This book is dear to my heart because it came to life during a pandemic. I had to put it down, put it aside, more than once as we navigated all of the things we’ve been through this past year.

But finally – finally – I picked it up and moved forward.

I think it’s a story you’re going to love …

The Midlife Pact

$3.99 ebook / $11.99 print

Coming March 2nd!

Author: Lori Osterberg
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

Sometimes it takes a friend to push you in a new direction …

A fiftieth birthday is hard for everyone, but especially for Sherri Egan. It’s not that she’s unhappy; she just knows she wants something more.

Annette Hinton has been dreaming of change. She’s tired of her job as a teacher. She’s growing weary of her predictable lifestyle.

When Sherri finds a midlife reinvention conference, Annette is more than willing to join in the fun. As the two navigate new ideas and possibilities, they set up The Midlife Pact as a way to keep themselves on track.

For Annette, that means finding a new career, and growing closer to a husband she’s always adored. A recent cancer scare has left them both realizing their own mortality and ready to move forward in a big way.

For Sherri, that means trying to forget an ex that simply won’t leave her alone. What can she do to put that relationship behind her, and step into something that fulfills her heart and soul?

A story of change, reinvention, and a quest for second chances in life and love.