I’ve created a playlist for every romance novel I’ve written.

For Destination Vancouver, I used songs I listened to when I visited. These were the songs that reminded me of specific restaurants I visited, hikes I took by the water. It reminded me of the characters, and the relationship they were developing.

With The Photographer, I chose songs that set the tone for each scene, and the relationship dynamics within every chapter.

While I was writing The Photographer, Shania Twain came out with her latest single, Life’s About To Get Good. It immediately spoke to me and reminded me of Joel. Joel felt he was terrible at relationships after a failed marriage. He had made his mind up that he wasn’t cut out for a long term commitment. His pain was too great, and he was afraid to let himself walk towards the good stuff, and invest in a relationship that could make him happy.

But he grew throughout the chapters, and eventually realized life was truly about to get good – he just had to let himself go.

I can’t imagine life without music. Songs are a part of every period of my life. I can hear a song and instantly be transported back in time. It’s the fabric that weaves us together.

That’s why I start up a new playlist as I’m writing each novel. The music speaks to me.