We’re heading out on the road again. Out to visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with over 350 acres of fields growing tulips in every color imaginable.

We’ve been to Oregon’s version – the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival which showcases more than 50 acres of blooms. It’s somewhat of a fairyland, walking between the rows of brightly colored flowers. You can’t help but want to bring a big bouquet home with you.

But if you’ve ever visited festivals, you know how bad the food can be. Hot dogs, french fries, and cotton candy, oh my!

It’s enough to make a vegetarian quiver in her boots.

I’ll admit it’s difficult to do. But I’ve found a lot of tricks over the years to maintain a healthy, plant-based diet no matter where the road leads.

Do Your Research

I scope out vegetarian restaurants before traveling and have a running list on my notes app on my phone for where to go. And what I love best is if you have the address, it’s as easy as click and go. Google Maps pops up and leads you in the right direction. And there’s no more driving by a restaurant and wondering what they have to offer inside.

For example, we found an amazing little cafe in Seattle searching this way. Everything is vegan. And it’s obviously a local favorite – the wait can be 30 minutes or more. But the food is … YUM!

Digitize Your Recipes

The more plant-based you become, the more you get into the art of cooking for yourself at home. And the Internet makes it easier than ever.

I buy my favorite cookbooks on Kindle. When I’m in an airbnb, I have them with me and can whip of delectable vegan dishes far from home.

I also keep my Pinterest app handy on my iPad and iPhone. I can pull up my favorites whenever I choose, use them to complete my grocery shopping, or start a meal no matter where in the world I am.

Traveling With A Crowd

Sometimes it’s not easy eating vegan, especially in large groups that aren’t plant-based too.

When I’m at a convention, I go vegetarian instead. I eat as closely as possible to vegan, often ordering several sides instead of a meal. I ask questions. You’d be surprised at how flexible a lot of restaurants are when they know you’re vegan. And when in doubt, I don’t worry. I won’t complain if there’s a little cheese mixed in an entree, or there’s a possibility of dairy or eggs within a dessert.

I’m concerned about the food I use to fuel my body with. And I make the best choices whenever possible. But I’m not going to let it stop me from living and doing the fun things in life.

Are you plant-based? How do you handle being on the road?