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Are you ready for my second novella?

I know you’re going to love Tricia’s story as much as Ann’s from Destination LA!

When I write any of my contemporary romances, I start with a few things in mind.

They’re always about strong women in midlife. They’re always about women ready for a little reinvention. They’re always about budding entrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to build a business around their passions.

Mix in a few of the things we experience in midlife: empty nests, caregiving for our parents, divorce, death of a spouse, and you got yourself a perfect setup for a book.

Of course, I want my ladies to have strong best friends. I want them to love wine and good food. They have to be strong and ready to stand on their own.

(Or at least until they meet the perfect gentleman who understands his lady will be equal in every way.)

Now THAT’S the start of a good romance!

And here it is; The Networker. A FREE novella ready for you.

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