1. Writing one story with 63,000 words challenges you to your very core.

2. Writing from a character’s perspective for weeks and weeks makes you look at people differently. You see more of who they truly are.

3. I’ve learned to value criticism more. I value when someone says, “this doesn’t make sense” or “there is no way this can be a reality.” I learn more when people tell me “no” then if they agree.

4. On the flip side, I’ve learned to question more. Because invariably when someone says, “no,” you have to ask why? You have to find out the root cause, not just accept things for what they are.

5. People will say yes more than they will say no. People want to help. They want to be a part of what you are doing. You just have to ask. And if they say no, find another way to ask.

6. It’s the end goal that’s the most important thing. Accept that deadlines may have to be pushed back. Accept that things might not be completed on time. As long as you remember why you started the project the first place, you’ll win every time.

7. The big picture is more important than single goals. Everything gets done eventually if it truly matters.

8. Characters give you room to explore things you’ve never thought about, situations you’ve never been through, places you’ve always wanted to go. They help you explore pieces of yourself that have been untouched until now.

9. It’s not the finished product that matters most. It’s the journey you take from the moment you say, “yes, I can do this” until the moment the book lies in your hand.

10. Writing expands your readability. It makes you a stronger reader, more filled with discovering the world around you.

11. Writing increases your creativity. The world around you comes alive in so many ways. You hear music differently. You view artwork differently. You even walk through a garden in an entirely new way.

12. I’ve become more open-minded. Because when you’re writing and you don’t like one scenario, you can simply write your way out of it. Why can’t you do that in real life too? Because there’s always a different approach, you just have to find it.

13. It’s made me learn more about myself, answer questions about my character, guide me towards life-changing decisions.

14. I take more time to live each moment fully. Writing time is for writing. Playtime is for play.

15. Great music helps you write better. Spotify is great for playlists. Focus@Will can give you the energy you need to get more done.

16. Stepping away helps the picture become more vivid. You see where you’re stuck. You fix problems you didn’t know you had.

17. I put more value on other people’s words. I can “hear” what they are trying to say.

18. Writing adds colorful language to your repertoire. Because you can only say the easy words so many times before they start getting a little boring.

19. My surroundings have become livelier, more beautiful, more appreciated. I no longer walk into a room without noticing the color of the walls, the splendor of the setting, the ambiance of the décor.

20. Writing my first novel has provided me with direction. It’s my path, my new track. It’s what I choose to do every day in my future.

21. It’s given me energy. It makes me want to say, “YES” a whole lot more.3D Dest Barcelona


Destination Barcelona (Book 1 in The Choice Series)
If you were offered the trip of a lifetime, the only catch is you had to leave immediately, would you do it? Casey does, and her life changes for the better from the moment she says yes.