I laughed at a comment my editor had for me on my latest book.

“I think it’s funny that you started writing this book with the intention of not making the main part of the plot travel and yet …”

Yep, you guessed it. A large chunk of the story revolves around travel.



Maybe it’s because a main part of my reinvention – second act – midlife moment is all about travel.

Maybe it’s because I think travel is an important part of making us all into who we are meant to be. It closes the world, makes it a smaller place to live. It lets us all know we’re more alike than we are different … if we’d just open up our eyes and see.

Maybe it’s because most people list travel as a top priority in their retirement goals and plans. Studies show that about half of all workers expect to extensively travel in retirement, with another 40 percent hoping to make frequent trips a part of their routines.

While traveling, you discover so many things.


You discover there are no mistakes.

You learn that life can slow down and be more meaningful along the way.

You learn that getting lost has great value. It helps you see “you” in a clearer light.

You learn that plans are meant to be broken. Not your BIG plans. But the plans that have kept you stuck for so long.

You learn to look at YOU differently. Those relationships you thought were your everything might not seem as important. You may discover special relationships with people you never anticipated.

You learn more about our world, what makes it tick, and in some cases what makes it better.

All of that makes YOU a better person!


Which is why I incorporate it into everything I write!

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