The Writer

Lori Osterberg

Published on November 1, 2016

“When’s the last time you crossed something off your bucket list?” Beth eyed her warily.

Kelly rolled her eyes. “I regret the day I told you about my bucket list.”3d-the-writer-small

“Not the point. When is the last time you crossed something off?”

Kelly tried to ignore Beth, but she couldn’t help but think about it. She hadn’t looked at it in a very long time. Not since Tom.

Beth snorted. “Yep, I knew it. You made that bucket list with Tom. It was about things the two of you wanted to do.” She paused for effect. “You’re just you now. You need one. You need to do things just for you. And I’m thinking you should do something really wild. I think you should add a one night stand to your bucket list. With a hottie. Like, let’s pick up one of these cuties for you, right over here. Imagine living in storyland with one of them. I mean, look at them. Look at that hottie right there. If I weren’t married …”

Kelly looked at Beth, turned and looked at the guy, back to Beth. “You’re kidding right?”

Beth eyed her. “What? He’s beautiful.” She looked him up and down again. “Imagine how he could influence your writing? These guys are here for a week, then ship out to sea. It’s the perfect chance to pick up a guy, knowing you won’t have to see them ever again after this weekend. That’s a way to get back in the saddle.” Beth let her eyes drift around the crowded bar.

Kelly couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you for real? You have looked around, haven’t you? Now maybe if my twenty-four-year-old daughter were here, it would be something to consider. For her. I’m old enough to be their mothers. Every one of them. Look.” She touched her friend’s cheek, moving her line of vision to the bar where a dozen or more were standing.

“Not all of them.” Beth returned the favor, placing a hand on her friend’s cheek and pushing her attention to the two men checking in at the desk. “Fifty-somethings. High-ranking. And good looking.”

Kelly stopped for just a moment. She had her there. Definitely good looking. Still. “And probably married.”

“You never know. I don’t see rings.”

Over the noise coming from the bar, they heard their reservation called. “Watson, party of two.”

Beth grabbed her friend’s hand and made her way to the front. As she approached the desk, she made a quick decision. She asked the host, “Can we squeeze two more into the table you have for us?”

Kelly stuttered beside her. “Beth, no …”