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Since you’re here, I also want to tell you a little story of how I got here. I’m probably a lot like you. I have a bucket list filled with fun things I want to do in my life. And as our empty nest drew near, my priorities changed. I started questioning the things I was doing. Some things I said: Yes, please. Other things I ditched altogether.

Writing was one of those things I wanted more than anything. So I wrote my first book. It was only then that I started thinking about writing novels as a career. So I started exploring what that would look like – and I fell in love even more. I mean, who doesn’t want to play with their characters all day, inventing stories for them to live by? I fell, hook, line and sinker. And I love, Love, LOVE what I do today?

As you read each book, you’ll notice a little something about every woman I write about. She’s independent. She’s creative. She’s ready to start and grow her own business. She has an only child (like me)! She’s vegetarian (like me)! She loves wine … yeah, you get it, like me!

Watch for my little notes (like this one) along the way. I include them in my books. I write on my blog. I send them in my social accounts. Why? Because we’re all in this midlife thing together. And I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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