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What Romance Really Means

When I decided to sell off my business, move to the Pacific Northwest, travel on a more regular basis, and quench my desire for becoming a full-time writer and romance author, I became obsessed with learning all I could about romance. Now, I’m a woman who probably...

Writing Books Because I Have To

A very old-school woman came up to me. We talked books. We talked writing. She said she had spent years as a writer, had a master’s in creative writing, years in the editing world. She’d written her first novel; took her seven years to complete. Then she asked about...

A Creative Standalone Series

When I decided to write romance novels, I did so after a ton of research and a LOT of reading. I liked the statistics. Total sales in the romance genre topped $1 billion. It makes up 13 percent of all adult fiction sold. The vast majority of people that buy romance...

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