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12 Things I’ve Learned From Finishing My Fourth Novel

I’ve written a lot. If you add up all the words I’ve blogged over the past decade, it would be in the millions. Published works in the non-fiction world are also many: A coffee table book – Being A Bride Studio Without Walls – contracted with a publisher 3 books ghost...

What I’m Reading and Watching and Playing This Month

I have several sites that I watch every month for their lists. The writers provide lists on music they’re listening to, podcasts they’re playing, books they’re reading, sites they’re visiting, and games they are playing. I love it because I can scope out some...

What Romance Really Means

When I decided to sell off my business, move to the Pacific Northwest, travel on a more regular basis, and quench my desire for becoming a full-time writer and romance author, I became obsessed with learning all I could about romance. Now, I’m a woman who probably...

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