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A Creative Standalone Series

When I decided to write romance novels, I did so after a ton of research and a LOT of reading. I liked the statistics. Total sales in the romance genre topped $1 billion. It makes up 13 percent of all adult fiction sold. The vast majority of people that buy romance...


The Writer Lori Osterberg Published on November 1, 2016 “When’s the last time you crossed something off your bucket list?” Beth eyed her warily. Kelly rolled her eyes. “I regret the day I told you about my bucket list.” “Not the point. When is the last time you...

Why All My Books Have Travel In Them

I laughed at a comment my editor had for me on my latest book. "I think it’s funny that you started writing this book with the intention of not making the main part of the plot travel and yet …" Yep, you guessed it. A large chunk of the story revolves around travel....

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