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Grow, Change, Thrive – What I’m Learning January 2018

I love January. I always have so much energy as we start out fresh in a new year. And like most people, I put a lot of my effort into improving myself. I’m more motivated for my business ventures. I look for ways to improve my health. I look for new products that help...

New Release: The Artist is Here!

I'm starting the year with a bang! I'm super excited to be releasing The Artist, my newest romance novel within The Creative Standalone series. Like The Writer, The Artist is about women in the heart of change, reinventing their lives into something brilliant. Of...

Why Your Second Act Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

What do you want to do now that you’ve reached “that age?” A time where all you can think about is what you’ve already done (or not done), what you have left to do, and why the hell the only question you’ve been asking yourself lately is “Is this all there is?”...

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