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It’s Valentine’s Day: What’s My Favorite Romance Moment?

I saw an interesting article come through on my newsfeed from NPR. It asked romance writers to share their favorite moments for Valentine’s day. What can be more appropriate for the day of love than to ask someone that writes romance all day what romance truly means?...

That Time I Decided To Do A 21 Day Challenge

I’ve always loved pushing myself to my limits and breaking through what I previously thought were “impossible” thresholds. My health has always been at the top of my mind. That’s why I moved to a plant-based diet years ago. It’s why I ensure I get plenty of exercise...

Does Romance Over 40 Exist?

  A funny thing happens when you turn 40. You lose … everything. Or at least that’s what the media wants us to believe. In your twenties, love and romance are at its peak. You simply can’t get enough. Your passion cup runneth over. Then you turn thirty, and...

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